Greg Gumbel covers college basketball and NFL football for CBS, doing play-by-play and analysis.

Greg joined Ed and Steve this morning to discuss the Incognito issue and why the Ravens are 3-5.

Steve asks: Incognito what are your thoughts?

Greg: First of all its a story when it hits it will be weighed heaver on one side. We have all gone through it but it can go too far. This morning I was reading more and more about how the Dolphins had no clue it was happening and they thought they were friends. I think its wrong though. The fact is that it may have, in this case, gone too far but who knows if Jonathan Martin is more sensitive than others. I would suspect coaches will be a little tougher on teams about hazing because of this.

Ed: Why are the Ravens 3-5?

Greg: I think Harbaugh and Flacco will say because they aren’t running the football. If you want Flacco to throw the ball you need a better running game. I also wonder why is it that Leach isn’t in there blocking for Rice and Pierce. When you come off a super bowl you are going to lose some people here and there, then you factor in the injuries. You hear people say its easier to win a super bowl than it it is to repeat and this is why.

Steve: What’s your take on the defense?

Greg: They have been getting their fare share of sacks but sometimes things don’t jell the way they are supposed to. When you cant get a team a couple 3 and out you will wear out. Its hard to pin point why a team is losing the way they are and if you aren’t running the football that means the defense will be on the field longer

Ed: Why should fans be optimistic about the Ravens?

Greg: History of team under John Harbaugh and most of the rest of the games will be at home. They also have to play Cincinnati twice and if you beat them twice it gives you chance to leap frog up the division. But I think the home field advantage will help a lot. Also this is too good of a football team. They are not a 3-5 team and i expect them to be better later in the season.


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