COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) — There’s a sense of fear and heightened awareness in College Park after a group of men violently attacked and robbed two University of Maryland students.

Derek Valcourt has details on the attack and the concerns on campus.

Students are often warned not to walk alone but even walking with a friend or two won’t matter when you come across a group of eight to 10 men looking for trouble.

During the day, Paint Branch Trail is a picture of autumn beauty and it is busy: hundreds of students use it every day to go between a massive student housing complex and the University of Maryland campus.

“Everybody that lives in this building, they have to go through this trail just ’cause it’s the closest to get to class,” said student Permod Konanur.

But at night, the tree-lined path is much darker and it was dark over the weekend when two male students were robbed and beaten by a group of between eight to 10 men.

“We should be safe here. It’s a campus and that people are going to get attacked…it’s really very scary,” said student Olivia Pond.

The attack happened around 3 a.m.

“That’s usually the danger hour,” said senior Teddy Levine.

Security on the trail has always been a concern. There are lots of lights and emergency call boxes scattered every couple hundred feet.

Many on campus first learned of the attack through an electronic email alert.

“It kind of sounds like they were looking for somebody to attack if they were in a group that big,” said senior Maggie Earl.

The alarming incident even has male students looking over their shoulders.

“It’s really scary,” Konanur said.

“Eight to 10 people…yeah, there’s nothing really you can do about that. That’s excessive,” said student Chris Tesoriero.

One of the students who was beaten was briefly hospitalized. Both students are expected to make a full recovery.

The attackers did not use any weapons.

So far, there are no arrests in the case, which is still under investigation. If you have any information, please call police.

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