Richie Incognito (credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Richie Incognito (credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The Miami Dolphins / Richie Incognito / Jonathan Martin story adds to the allure and mystery of what goes on inside an NFL locker room.

It once again makes us realize the public is NOT ready to really hear what the “norm” is. Their norm may not be right, but THEY aren’t exactly the norm either.

NFL players are built differently, if they weren’t they’d not be there. Quite literally, there is a weeding out process for the preservation of the product and protection of the locker room. It is it’s own world and in that, all locker rooms are very similar yet vastly different.

The natural order of that environment looks foreign to us but to those who live in that world, it’s second nature. That’s not to say I agree with how Incognito and Martin communicate with each other but it is to say that it’s their business not mine. When the public got a glimpse into a locker room relating to bounty gate the backlash was tremendous, while those that actually live in that room said that’s the environment.. It’s part of what it takes to provide entertainment every Sunday.

Spy gate? Oh My God. Teams try to gain an advantage via video information about another team!?! Shock and horror about the inner circle of how football is created. It takes special people to make football, that special doesn’t just mean guys are bigger strong faster. They’re built different, wired different, think different, act different, communicate different and live different. The problem may be with the environment, I’ll yield that, but the bigger issue is the public seeking answers they aren’t prepared to digest. Just like your home life, that’s your business not for public.

My advice: Enjoy the football, forget the men behind the curtain.

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