Ron Zook Discusses The Terrapins And Other College Football

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Ron Zook was the head football coach for the University of Florida and the University Illinois and is currently college football analyst for CBS Sports Network .

Ron joined Ed and Steve this morning to talk about college football.

Steve asks: What about Maryland? Can we just put it on injuries?

Ron: They have had some offensive line issues. When you struggle in the offensive line it just makes it harder and two of their best players getting hurt, that’s tough. I think they are making a lot of progress and they started well just need more depth.

Ed: Any chance Florida State unseats Alabama?

Ron: They do have a chance but don’t put Florida State and Alabama in the game yet. Alabama will have to beat Auburn who is playing well and then win the SEC championship and Florida State will have to win the ACC. This is when college football gets exciting.

Steve: Whats you take on Baylor

Ron: If I was their coach I would be worried about just worrying about the next game and not looking ahead. Until last week they didn’t really play anyone but beating Oklahoma soundly they are good but their hardest games are ahead of them and they will have to play well.

Ed: What you think about  the Heisman race?

Ron: Week to week it just depends on who is exciting and who has the big game. AJ McCarron all he does is win. There are a lot of great players out there so who knows what’s going to happen.

Steve: What is your take Incognito and that situation?

Ron: I don’t know the entire story so its hard to comment on, but my take is how can something like this happen and the coaches not know what is going on? As much time as you spend with the players you have to have an idea of what’s going on with your players and their lives.

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