I’ve heard a lot of talk about stats the last few weeks regarding the Ravens. Yards per carry, sacks of Flacco, lack of explosion plays and on and on. Players will tell you W’s are the only stat that matters and while I agree I’ll not let results get in the way of my analysis.

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)


Ravens beat the Bengals in OT sure, but I’m not sure I learned much about their future progress. The run game is still stale while the offensive line continues to get the 120 million dollar man sacked more than ever. Defense was amazing taking advantage of an absolute joke of a performance from Cincinnati.

You know what? I take it back. I did learn something Sunday.

I learned that Baltimore knows how to win games, it’s why they are still alive and staying in games, even if they lose them. I also learned that while “know how” to keep in the hunt doesn’t mean this team is good. I’m not even sure it’s growing. 94 total yards at half? 189 total yards for the game including OT is not a stat that anyone wants to learn from, but it is the reality of the Ravens. Staying alive in the playoff race is a nice feeling and gives the team a chance, sure, but many more games with 3 turnovers and no offense isn’t the way to show for a playoff push.

I’ll reiterate my respect for the Ravens, past 5 years, Super Bowl victory in February and more…but last week was a stinker of all stinkers. Let’s be honest. If you took more away from beating the Bengals than that the D was awesome and Cincinnati was the pits you saw more than I did.

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