John Mullin of CSN Chicago joined Scott and Jeremy on Friday afternoon to preview the Ravens and Bears game on Sunday afternoon.

The conversation started with the simple comparison of the Ravens and the Bears. John thinks that both teams are very similar. “Two teams you aren’t really sure what their strengths and what their weaknesses are.”

The conversation shifted to the absence of Jay Cutler. John believes that nothing has changed between the Bears and Cutler, and that he should be back in 2014. “I’d be surprised if he’s not, based on the language I’ve got.”

When asked to give a prediction of the outcome on Sunday, John stated it plain and simple. “At home the Bears play pretty well, I would look for this to be a 17-13 game probably with the Bears winning.” He believes that in order for the Bears to win they have to keep up with what the rest of the NFL has done against the Ravens so far. “They think if we can muscle up and stop the run game, then they like their chances quite a bit.”

When asked about the special teams battle, John made it clear that this is not the Bears of old. “Every year they have been top ten in special teams, but every game this year they have made an egregious mistake, they’ve been giving up one play a game that changes everything.”

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