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Pryce sits along side fellow panelists Regis Philbin, renowned British sportscaster Georgie Thompson, Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay, former tennis pro turned stand-up comedian Michael Kosta and YouTube sensation Katie Nolan.

Trevor joined Steven and Bob on the Norris and Davis show to talk about the Ravens Offensive Offense.

Steve: why cant the ravens run the ball?

Trevor:  Well it has to do with a lot of things, it has to do with a lack of a passing game and a lack of a deep threat.  Teams aren’t going to let teams both run and pass all over them.  Teams are making the ravens one dimensional, they aren’t going to let ray rice beat them, they’re going to make Joe Flacco beat them and he hasn’t been able to do that sometimes.

Bob:  A lot has been talked about with the Ravens O line.  How does a Defensive line look at the ravens O-line, are they licking their chops in Chicago right now?

Trevor:  Well it depends on who you’re lining up against.  I mean the guard Osemele is hurt and Monroe is still transitioning.  But they still have Yanda, one of the best guards in the league, and Oher is playing OK right now.  The O-line doesn’t seem to be in sync right now.  They will peak eventually, they just haven’t yet.

Steve: How long will it take to peak, they’ve played nine games already is it going to happen in 2013 or what?

Trevor:  A lot of it comes down to confidence, with the super bowl victory there is a shorter off-season and a little bit of a hangover so i think they’re dealing with a little bit of that.

Steve:  Flacco’s performance this year has been fairly disappointing given how he ended last year, give us your assessment of Joe right now and how he is playing.

Trevor:  I think they’re are a lot of reasons why he isn’t playing great.  he has a lot of pressure on him right now just signing one of the richest contracts in the NFL history and pretty much has to carry the team on his back.  I mean Joe has never been a pro bowler, he just seems to have something missing.  I’m not in the building right now so I can’t say what that is.  I know he is missing Anquan and Pitta so Joe is just trying to work with what he has.

Bob: The two teams I had in the super bowl have both been huge disappointments, who is more disappointing, Houston or Atlanta?

Trevor:  I would say Atlanta, because Houston was never built to win a super bowl.  Huston wasn’t a rough rugged team, not built for a street fight.  A lot of times in the NFL it comes down to a dog fight.  The quarterback isn’t spectacular and their line doesn’t have the road grader mauler mentality.   Atlanta on the other hand, they are built for an air assault, and in a pass happy league that can get you to the top.

Steve: You were at once the highest paid defensive player in history were you not?

Trevor: yes I was, that deal was quickly eclipsed but I had a terrible season after so I know where Joe is coming from.  There’s a lot of pressure on you when you get paid that much money.

Steve:  Who will win the AFC North, the Ravens, Bengals, or Browns?

Trevor:  Conventional wisdom would say the Bengals because they’re playing the best right now even though Baltimore just beat them, but I’m going to say the Browns.


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