(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

The weather was a major story before, during and after the Ravens loss in OT to the Bears as a slop of a mess of a coac.. I mean field.. Yeah a sloppy mess of a field, and guys calling the game including those in stripes too. An all around mess Mother Nature only had part of a hand in making.

Why are the Ravens forcing the ball into triple coverage on 3rd & 16 with 1:06 to go in the half, backed up at the 23? I just don’t understand the risk reward. Especially when those few things are exactly the difference in games. I totally get the aggressive mindset but max out the talent before you crank it all the way up past 11.

Even at the NFL level you have to tone down some of the heat while the youngsters get their feet under them. I think we all, everyone, needs to remember what a roster turnover this team just went through and adjust as such. From loud mouths like me, to fans, coaches and players. The city is tight. That’s what it feels like to me. Maybe this is all fabricated in my wild imagination or maybe it’s just an honest truth. Take a breath, stop forcing it and just play conventional football till the next level weapon is next to Torrey to give him help / Joe another option / help o-Line / free rice up. They all go hand in hand.

From changing line stuff early, to voices in the locker room, to new linebackers and safety’s, it’s a monster transition and I haven’t even scratched the surface. We all want to repeat as Super Bowl Champs but while expectations have been lofty, a credit to those in charge and on the field the past 5 years, it’s unrealistic and unfair to try to force that on this team. It’s just too different to do that.

If shifting from aggressive to conservative is what helps max out the current group, then we’ve got to run, run, run to end a half. And in that process if they don’t make a first down, punt and get off the field. That’s not an aggressive approach but with a solid defense that’s the safer play. Sorry if playing it smart doesn’t vibe with the philosophy, sometimes philosophy has to change based on talent.

You overturned the roster, over turn the philosophy to complete the process.

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