Nicholas Dawidoff is a critically acclaimed journalist, who was given unprecedented access to an NFL team for one season. The end result was his book “Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football.”

Nicholas Dawidoff joined the Norris and Davis show to talk about the NFL and his new book.

Steve: How does your book compare to John Feinstein’s book about the Ravens, “Next Man Up?”

Nicholas:  I wanted to bring to light some of the inside stuff about the NFL.  I wanted to find out how a NFL game comes to be.  I spent most of my time in the defensive meetings and with the defensive coaches and my intention was to share with readers what goes on from Tuesday to Saturday.

Ed: What’s the real Rex Ryan like?

Nicholas:  Rex is not lacking for confidence.  He is extremely self-confident and people within the organization respect that about him.  Within the team, the players love playing for Rex.  NFL head coaches are responsible for 100 players, and Rex does his best to connect with everybody.  He really tends to understand people very well which makes him very likeable.  Rex tries to be flexible in what he lets his players do and what they can create with their own unique talents.

Steve:  Is there anything that people would find when reading this book that would be a huge surprise?

Nicholas:  I think readers will find out how many people it takes to make a football team run.  Everybody knows about the superstars but it takes so many people to make a team run properly. It’s really a great thing.


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