Dan Dierdorf is a Hall of Fame, offensive linemen who played 13 season in the NFL and to is a color analyst for CBS Sports.

Dan joined Ed and Steve this morning to talk about the Ravens this season and their game this Sunday.

Steve asks: How is Baltimore as a football city?

Dan: When you talk about some of the legendary places it’s almost like a college atmosphere, but when you talk about a newer stadium it is a special atmosphere at M&T Bank. There is no harder place to play than M&T for visitors.

Steve: Have you heard people say your against Baltimore?

Dan: No, you know you did a good job when you get an equal amount of hate mail from both cities. The fans expect you to always talk about their team but fans have to know that there are fans in other cities who want the same thing so you can not always make everyone happy.

Ed: How about the game this weekend how can the Ravens run against this team?

Dan: I saw Ray break loose last week I said they have the running game back but no one runs on the Jets. If they lose Sunday they wont be mathematically eliminated but their chances of going to the off season is very small so this is a playoff game for the Ravens.

Steve: How much did the bl0cking scheme different under Castillo?

Dan: Every team runs some kind of zone blocking scheme. It still involves putting your hat of a defender and moving them out. There have been times this year when you look at the Ravens offense and they just look so out of sync. A lot of it has to do with confidence, if a play comes in and has only gained a yard or two last time you ran it your not going to have confidence. It’s a mind set that can we bring physicality that they can’t match?

Ed: Could Pitta make that big of a difference?

Dan: I think this team also desperately misses Anquon Boldin. Its not everyday you can look at a receiver and say this guy sets the tone for our offense but Anquon Boldin is one of the guys and he is one of the biggest reason the offense has struggled. losing him and Pitta really hurts. I don’t think the Ravens, though, are not counting on having him on Sunday.


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