(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The Ravens will face Rex Ryan and the New York jets on Sunday in what is a must-win for both teams as it will have huge implications on the playoff picture going forward. Evan Roberts from “Beningo and Roberts” on WFAN in New York City joined Zinno on “Last Call” to help breakdown the match-up.

The Jets currently hold the last wild card spot, but Roberts isn’t buying “Gang Green” as a playoff team. “I don’t think that, unless you’re just a diehard, naive Jets fan, that anybody actually thought this team was any good. They’re benefitting from a horrific conference and they have just been crushed in their losses,” Roberts said.

The Jets roster also isn’t very impressive Roberts said, “If you need a good laugh, all you gotta do is Google the Jets wide receivers and running backs and tight ends, and you’ll have a good laugh. Because they just don’t have a lot of talent. And that’s to go along with a quarterback that’s incredibly inexperienced,” said Roberts.

Rex Ryan has always been a lightning rod for the media. He brought bravado to New York. Roberts says he’s grown a little bit and isn’t the same guy when he first got here. “He has not been the same Rex Ryan. We’ve been joking on the air that it’s a “nuetered Rex Ryan”- that it’s not the same guy. Maybe it’s because he’s not an idiot and he knows this team isn’t any good. So how can he sit there in front of the cameras and say ‘we’re doing this and were’ doing that’ when deep down he knows they’re not good enough to do it,” Roberts said.

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