Brian Jones is an analyst for College Football Today on CBS Sports.

Brian joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Iron Bowl this weekend between Alabama and Auburn, which you can watch on CBS at 3:30pm ET.

Steve asked Brian for his take on Randy Edsall trying to freeze the kicker and costing the Terrapins a win last Saturday. Brian said coaches do it to try to make kickers think, and said that though he has no problem with the move it usually does not work out.

Steve asked Brian if he thinks Edsall is the guy for the future of the Terps. Brian said that he thought Edsall was on the hot seat to begin this season and with the Terps struggles they could go out and go after a name coach for the start of their Big Ten era.

Ed then asked Brian if Auburn can actually win this game Saturday against the Crimson Tide. Brian said he can but things have to go perfectly for the Tigers, if Auburn has a lull in their game like they did against Georgia Alabama will take advantage and pull away. Brian also mentioned that with how well Bama is running the ball they will more than likely take this ballgame.


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