(Photo by Vincent Pugliese/Getty Images)

(Photo by Vincent Pugliese/Getty Images)

In years past we’ve all thought of Joe Flacco as “Joe Cool” based on his demeanor on and off the field. He’s generally cool, calm and collected with his answers to the media, save for the time he said he was the best QB in the league… which he followed up with a Super Bowl ring btw.. Joe has taken his hits for not being loud enough on the field with his teammates too but all he’s done year in and year out is make the postseason, win in the postseason and he’s just months removed from his Super Bowl MVP.

Which brings us to yesterday, Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the Steelers. Ravens off a victory over the Jets where they implemented the wildcat formation, giving backup QB Tyrod Taylor the ability to run. A change of pace, a different look but a snap where the ball isn’t in the hands of the franchise QB.

Flacco made side comments Sunday post-victory over the Jets but it was mostly glossed over. Yesterday, Joe made it crystal clear he does not want to run the wildcat. He said it makes the Ravens look like a high school offense and said he doesn’t think we will see the wildcat again.

You can make of that what you will but I actually like Joe Flacco’s comments.

Ravens fan are looking for a leader; a voice in the locker room. There it is!

A Super Bowl MVP saying what he believes. He’s earned the right to be honest and I for one welcome it.

Will this lead to questions about who runs the offense? Maybe, but that’s the business they are in and in his 6th year he’s finally free to speak his mind. He has input and a voice. This is the franchise QB and he wants the rock in his hands. Period!

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