(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

I thought Joe Flacco played his best game of the year.

Is it as easy as: He hated the Wildcat and they told him “we don’t need to use it if you play better”, and he did? I have no idea. But it sure wraps up in a nice little package that he showed them they don’t need the Wildcat.

I did not like what Flacco said on Tuesday, that the wildcat was like a high school offense, and he wouldn’t do anything to help it. Basically, he called out his coaches, which is unfortunate since he has never been called out by his coaches, and he has laid plenty of eggs himself. He doesn’t have to like it; in fact, if I was him, I wouldn’t either. However, you don’t say that to the media. Just tow the company line.

While Flacco didn’t do that, he still stepped up, like he often does. His performance was Pittsburgh was something we haven’t seen this year. Joe played for 60 minutes. He was consistent. He didn’t make mistakes. He made great plays with his arm and his feet. That was the Ravens need Flacco to be like if they are going to make the playoffs….and do something once they get there.

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