BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A staggering number of dangerous weapons are confiscated at BWI Marshall Airport every day. That problem now faces increased scrutiny after the murder of a TSA agent in Los Angeles.

Mike Hellgren gives you a rare look at what some people try to bring through security.

From police batons to blades, toy guns and even meat cleavers, the TSA confiscates between 200 and 300 pounds of items considered dangerous—even deadly—every month at BWI.

“Boxes and boxes and boxes of this stuff are collected right here at BWI,” said Lisa Farbstein.

WJZ was granted rare access to show you the prohibited weapons from chains to brass knuckles.

“Here we are, more than a decade past 9/11 and people are still bringing these types of items,” she said.

And it comes about a month after the murder of a TSA agent in Los Angeles, Gerardo Hernandez. His shooting has raised questions over whether agents should be armed and concern about the threats they face.

“There’s no way something like this belongs on an airplane. Not at all,” Farbstein said.

Maryland wants nothing to do with the confiscated items. They’re picked up by the Virginia government once a month.

“They re-sell the stuff at their profit. Nothing to the federal government,” said Mike Duckett.

If you have doubts about what you can bring, just type in the item on the TSA website.

Maryland Transportation Authority Police, not the TSA, are responsible for confiscated guns. They’ve taken eight of them so far this year.

For more information on prohibited items, click here or here.

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