Ron Cook Talks About Mike Tomlin And The Sideline Incident

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(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

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Ron Cook is the mid day host for CBS Pittsburgh, and is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazett.

Ron joined Ed and Steve this morning talk about Mike Tomlin and the AFC North.

Steve asks: What you think about Tomlin?

Ron: Most scrutinized position in Pittsburgh is quarterback and second is coach. I think he got away light even though I didn’t think he did it intentionally.

Ed: Why do you think he got away lightly?

Ron: He can’t be where he was on the sideline. He could have really impacted the game. How often do we make honest mistakes and pay dearly for them. People here are okay with what he got but people are bothered that there could be a possible draft pick involved.

Steve:  How much are people split on Tomlin?

Ron: Part of it is that they missed playoffs last year and look like they will this year. I think race is involved and there are people who don’t like people because they are black or white. Everyone isn’t like that but it drips with the race angle. But it is all about wins a losses.

Ed: Are you surprised with meritocracy in AFC North?

Ron: I thought Steeler and Ravens would be better. I’m still not a Bengal believer and the Browns are the Browns.

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