BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  The Minnesota Vikings probably don’t want to come back to Baltimore for a good while.

It was just a bad day.

After losing to the Ravens 29-26 in an exciting game, Adrian Peterson getting sidelined with an injury and being pelted with snow and ice by Ravens fans, the Vikings were stuck in Charm City for a few more hours.

The reason was not the weather, which kept the field slick throughout the whole game. Instead, a catering truck hit their plane.

Vikings player Chase Baker Tweeted this:

“Apparently the catering truck ran into our plane… So we’re stuck here for 3 hours. Not the snow… The catering truck. ?!”

To kill time, the Vikings hung out in the locker room for two more hours before heading to the airport to board the replacement plane, the Baltimore Sun reported.

They had to wait a little longer at the airport, too.

Adrian Peterson put out this Tweet about the game:

“Wow talking about bad officiating & the worst fan base I’ve ever experience! They threw snow balls the entire 4q like lil kids. Smh.”

He then corrected himself, saying he was pelted with “iceballs.”

Peterson has an MRI on Monday for his injured foot.

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