BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland’s health care exchange is still not serving the people of Maryland. Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown is charged with overseeing the state’s Affordable Health Care enrollment.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports he is taking the heat for its failures.

No matter how it’s promoted or how you show it or if the speeches are stirring, there’s no way around it.

“It’s not working, except for the small numbers that we report every week,” Brown said.

Brown, who is in charge of health reform, announced a list of fixes intended to get the website,, working for the thousands of uninsured Marylanders under the gun to meet Affordable Health Care deadlines.

“Everyone involved in standing up or setting up the exchange is responsible, and that includes me,” Brown said.

Maryland has mirrored the glitches of the federal website since it went online Oct. 1.

“I know that on Oct. 1, I saw a real big mess and we’ve taken a number of steps since that time,” he said.

Those steps include a new leadership team, additional staff and resources and settling a conflict between vendors.

Brown, who is running for governor, is being questioned about his leadership on the project.

“The focus is not on the politics; the focus is on getting it right for more Marylanders,” he said.

The emergency now is to resuscitate a system that was pretty much dead on arrival.

The lieutenant governor says there will be a complete review of the project once the website is fully functioning.

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