BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Gunshots ring out in East Baltimore in what police say was a triple shooting inside a neighborhood barbershop.

Police say it happened in the 1400-block of North Luzerne Avenue.

Christie Ileto explains police still don’t know if there was more than one shooter.

Whoever pulled the trigger is still on the run.

Flashing lights, cop cars and yellow tape fill the 1400-block of North Luzerne Avenue Saturday. Police say gunfire is behind this latest act of violence.

“We have three confirmed shootings. There’s a fourth person with an injury that they’re looking into see exactly how that injury took place,” said Lt. Eric Kowalczyk, Baltimore City Police

Detectives focus on Arthur’s Barbershop — one of few businesses among many vacant homes. Police believe gunshots started inside.

“It looks like, preliminarily, and again, this is still very, very early into the investigation, that the incident did happen inside the barbershop,” Kowalczyk said.

A woman who spoke to WJZ off-camera said: “I’m really upset. It’s a family business. My cousin owns it. This crime has got to stop.”

Meanwhile, police say it’s unclear what prompted the shooting and if the victims knew the person pulling the trigger.

“We’re going to be interviewing witnesses, talking to people who might have seen what happened,” said Kowalczyk.

Police canvass surrounding blocks, number bullet casings on the ground and tow away a black SUV, hoping the evidence will lead them to the finger pulling the trigger.

Police say the victims, who were shot in their legs, are now recovering at a nearby hospital.

Police say if anyone has information on this case you can call them at 410-396-2433.

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