Glenn Younes: MNF Tweet Recap

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(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Below are many of my tweets during the Ravens victory in Detroit. It’s not exactly a play by play but it’s an interesting way to recap the highlights of the MNF game. Enjoy:

Stop trying to blow people up and start wraping up Elam. #Ravens

McClain on specials? Interesting.

Old age. Gets the drops #Ravens

Just a huge drop & stop for the #Ravens there.

54 just jacked pitta in the brain while he was down.

If you are a fundamental DB that actually tackles, forget the hit, you’ll make a bunch of cash in the #NFL of future

Wally & I talked about #Ravens being able to handle the hots today. @WallyWilliams63

Field Goal here after that drop stop and starting at the 6 yrd line… Is HUGE!! #Ravens

Wowzers. Huge pair of plays by Webb! Tackles like a champ! #Ravens

Air mail city Joe. Gotta turn that field position into points boyz. Opportunity missed there. #Ravens

3rd and 4 and Haloti goes off. It worked too

Stafford has enough time there. He rushed it just enough. #ravens grinding it here. Playing well.

Joe checked to that. Well done. #Ravens or he made it look like he checked to it.

Wow #refs Interesting but like I said. Whatever. #Ravens

Torrey is obsessed with the swim move to get his shoulders past the DB. It’s a bit much tho. #shoulderover

The story is #lions w/ only 7, 2:30 to go in half. Well done #Ravens D. Need one more stop here.

Megadrop on the take tonight?? #Ravens

That’s actually pretty bad D for them to let #pitta just sit soft there. Bad play by LB. #ravens

Tucker is $$ but notice he’s pulling a touch right (typo, meant LEFT) FG may not win game but it’s good enough to lead at half! #Ravens

Tucker. Weapon. #Ravens

#webbforpresident #Ravens

This game changed on #lions 2nd possession of game with the Calvin Johnson drop, his 1st of game. #Ravens

Take over this game a bit here Haloti! Yes sir. #Ravens

Wow. Defense is balling out loud right now. #Ravens

Tucker is balling out loud right now. #bol #Ravens

Was there enough to challenge that there? Hope and pray on this one boys. #Ravens catch stands IMO easy

Wow they didn’t know what a TD by #lions meant there? Going for 2 of course. Pay attention! #Ravens

Let’s go here #Ravens They know how to close. That’s for sure. Close this out on road!

A few yards here and it’s Tucker Weapon #ravens

That’s the 3rd & 10 play? Harbs called the t/o early because I think he was afraid Joe was gonna call a play there. #Ravens

Amazing FG #Ravens Tucker. Weapon.

How about backing up the mouth. Good for you Matt Elam! #Ravens

Just a few of the tweets. Hope you enjoyed replaying the game via my tweets. Follow me on Twitter @gunitradio

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