By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Time is running out to name the two lion cubs at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. WJZ and the Maryland Zoo are teaming up to name the boy and girl.

Jessica Kartalija got a special update on their progress Wednesday.

They’re getting bigger and bigger and starting to get used to their home at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

“They are so active now. They change pretty much every day. They are climbing, they are jumping, they are wrestling,” said Carey Ricciardone.

Ricciardone is the zoo’s Mammal Collection and Conservation Manager. Just last week, she helped bring Zuri–a lion cub in Miami–here to Maryland.

“Zuri has so much personality now; she may even be the dominant female of this group,” she said.

Thirty thousand people have logged onto to name the cubs, who are busy teething and playing and practicing their big roar.

“People have a lot of input on what they want them to be named. I think it’s great they want to be involved and they will want to come and see them,” Ricciardone said.

Staff at the zoo have been weighing in on their favorite names, as well; they know this little guy and girl the best.

“I do like Kulu and Madoa myself, because it goes along with the other cubs’ names,” she said.

The names you selected will be revealed on WJZ on Friday. To vote, click here.

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