By Pat Warren

COLUMBIA, Md. (WJZ)—Moms on a mission. President Barack Obama is asking parents, especially moms, to talk to their 20-something children about Affordable Health Care.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports a Howard County woman got a personal request.

Everybody knows moms have influence, and the president sees an advantage there.

“There’s something about moms that, number one, they got credibility generally, number two, women oftentimes are the ones making the health care decisions in the family,” President Obama said.

“It was very exciting, obviously to be in the Oval Office with them,” said Mary Marker.

Marker, a Columbia resident, was in the group at the White House. She has three children now in their 20s.

“Moms can tell young people who think they’re invincible that they’re not,” Obama said.

“The young invincible, they think nothing will ever happen to them and don’t think about the fall or the car accident or something that could come down the pike, or an illness,” Marker said.

Marker came to the president’s attention for her local efforts at getting people enrolled in health care.

“The first lady suggested that we encourage everyone for the holidays to share health care for their families and take them and enroll them, and the president assured us that we really did need to have another gift for them as well,” Marker said.

“It’s our job as mothers to make sure our young people are informed about their invincibility, to make sure other moms and families out there really understand what this law provides,” said Michelle Obama.

When the topic of the Web site woes comes up, “the challenge for us has been to change the conversation, so we’re not focused on the website, we’re focused on the benefits of the program,” Marker said.

Maryland’s goal is to enroll 150,000 people by the March 31 deadline.

After March 31, federal law requires the uninsured to pay a fine.

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