By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Families celebrating Christmas should be comforted to know that essential services did not take a holiday.

Pat Warren has more on the folks who were on the job.

While most would rather be spending the day at home, some jobs cannot go unattended.

In Baltimore County and around the state, duty calls. An untold number of Marylanders were answering all kinds of emergencies, including getting people from one place to another and otherwise providing solutions to last minute problems.

It goes with the territory.

“What they didn’t buy, what they forgot to buy, what they need to get… like presents,” said Sarah D’Lugoff.

It’s double duty at Engine 45 in Baltimore, where firefighters not only answer calls, but entertain visitors with its half-century old train garden tradition.

“Hasn’t been a bad Christmas. Not too much going on, so that means everybody’s enjoying family and being safe,” said firefighter John Evans.

“You still miss when the kids wake up and opening their gifts for the first time,” said firefighter Allen Berkely.

“The older guys whose kids are all grown up will try to work that day for the young guys that have kids, as I did,” firefighter Brian McAlister said.

“Yeah, I volunteered today,” said firefighter Vernese Hilton.

“I’m just here to watch the trains. They might actually have to do work,” firefighter Tim Ferguson joked.

Whether it’s watching trains or driving buses, they are there if you need them.

“Being able to get them where they need to get to see loved ones and get there safe in a timely fashion,” said Glenn Dennis, MTA driver.

“At least something is open so they can come through and get whatever it is that they need,” Walgreens employee Crissy Howell said.

And who says it can’t be fun?

“Got a few hours left to go and I’m just so full of it! So six o’clock will be coming,” said Ariana Munger, Walgreens employee. “Full of sugar.”

According to a Pew research poll, nine in ten Americans say they celebrate Christmas as a religious or cultural holiday.

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