By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The new year gives everyone a fresh start and a chance to make some changes.

Mike Hellgren has more on the resolutions some Marylanders are making.

Do you want to lose weight? Stop drinking? Win the lottery? Be more religious?

“Go to church all year and try to get rich.”

Or something a little less about you?

“To take care of my mom. That’s it.”

“To be a mother and continue holding down my household.”

“To live more healthy and spend more time with my kids.”

Great goals, but some don’t even bother.

“I don’t make them because whatever comes is going to come, one way or another.”

“I don’t have one. I don’t because everybody always says they have a new year’s resolution and they never come true.”

Reporter: “Tell, what is your new year’s resolution?”

Woman: “Not to make any more New Year’s resolutions. Ever.”

Reporter: “Why not?”

Woman: “Because I never keep them.”

She’s right. A University of Scranton study showed only eight percent of us do. The most popular resolutions have to do with wellness.

“I’m supposed to quit smoking. I’m going to try.”

“Get rid of some of these illnesses I have. Maybe the Lord can bless me to live maybe a couple more years.”

“To stop smoking and to regain a relationship with my children.”

“To enjoy everything there is to do here in Baltimore.”

“That’s my only thing, is to give the new generation a future.”

“Mine is not to put nothing off no more.”

WJZ won’t procrastinate in wishing you a happy new year.

“Happy New Year and ya’ll have a beautiful day.”

“Happy New Year to everyone watching WJZ!”

“Happy New Year to everybody who’s watching Channel 13.”

“Happy New Year to everybody in Baltimore, Md. and throughout the world.”

Good luck keeping those resolutions!

And wherever you end up New Year’s Eve, WJZ wishes you a very happy and very safe New Year.

Don’t miss the New Year’s Eve Spectacular. Coverage begins at 11 p.m., right here on WJZ.

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