Beasley Reece is a former NFL player who had a nine-year career from 1976 to 1984. He played for the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after attending college at North Texas University.

Beasley joined Ed & Steve to talk about Ravens O Line coach Juan Castillo and give a Philadelphia perspective on him.

Steve asked Beasley how highly regarded is Juan Castillo and why. Beasley said he thinks Castillo is the best offensive line coach in football, and that his body of work speaks for itself, and that the Ravens’ struggles are probably based more on the personnel than the coach of the O Line. Beasley also said Castillo is the “workingest man in America” and that his work ethic is infectious.

Beasley also went on to say that Juan Castillo is one of the better motivators as far as coaches go in the NFL. Beasley also said if you asked players and other coaches around the league they would defend Castillo until the end and that if you bad mouthed Castillo in front of Harbaugh that Harbaugh “would fight you.”

Beasley said if the players are complaining about Juan Castillo then you need to get rid of those players. With Castillo you need to work and be prepared and be willing to play for the jersey not the name, and play with serious passion and be a gladiator. If you are only in it for the money you will not vibe with Juan Castillo.


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