Besides what we all learned from the Ravens annual press conference that Castillo is back, Suggs might not be, and their priorities regarding talent, there were a number of other takeaways after the mics were off, when team personnel went “off the record”.

First of all, the Ravens are expecting that Flacco will set up passing workouts with the receivers in the off-season. They are also hoping that he will show up and sit in on meetings the coaches have. That means they want him to work harder.

They avoided saying this at the press conference, but they want Ray Rice to lose weight, that he was too heavy last year. Same with Suggs.

Jim Caldwell isn’t necessarily coming back, and it might actually be Caldwell’s choice.

Michael Oher isn’t definitely gone, that if they don’t re-sign Monroe, are you ready for this… Oher is an option at left tackle!

Deonte Thompson was a big disappointment, that the coaches thought he would perform better.

Jacoby Jones is not a huge priority to bring back; they like him as a returner, but he’s replaceable as a receiver.


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