It looks like the steadier and heavier precipitation is tapering off for Friday afternoon but there will still be some rain and drizzle around. Temperatures will continue to slowly rise with most places above the freezing mark, but there can still be some slick spots early on.

It looks pretty wet right on through Saturday and Saturday evening with the heaviest rainfall coming Saturday afternoon and early evening, perhaps accompanied by thunder and lightning. The Storm Prediction Center even has a slight risk area for parts of the Eastern Shore and lower Chesapeake.

Saturday, we are still expecting a much milder (or “warmer”) surge of air, but this will be accompanied by about 1-2 inches of rain, the heaviest of which will occur between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. before ending early Saturday night. Therefore, we must consider the possibility of some flooding.

Sunday will be brisk and chillier, but not necessarily “colder”, and then we should be on the lookout for some rain on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend!


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