Well, it is pretty obvious that the atmosphere has been having some serious mood swings lately. With highs nearly 20 degrees below average last week all the way to highs 20 degrees above the average for spots this week, it’s hard to know what “normal” is anymore. We have seen snow, ice, rain and bitter icy wind. None of the extremes have been long lasting due to fast-moving weather systems, which looks to continue for the upcoming week.

Saturday, the temperature soared across the region with strong southerly flow out ahead of a cold front, allowing temps to top out around 57 at BWI. Thankfully, most of the nasty and severe weather remained south of the metro, which is what we expected. We do have some cooler air moving in behind the front for Sunday, but NOTHING compared to the Arctic blast earlier this week. Temps, in fact, will remain above freezing and a few degrees above average for Sunday.

Sunday will feature dry air with some sunshine and gradually diminishing wind as a ridge of high pressure approaches. On Monday, the ridge of high pressure will move offshore and a cold front will approach. Between the two, a southwest flow will nudge temps upward again. The front is expected to bring a little wet weather Monday night or perhaps Tuesday, but should move away rather quickly, allowing the rest of Tuesday to turn out dry.

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