Unusually warm air will get pushed northward Saturday on a southerly wind. Temperatures along the eastern seaboard from the Carolinas northward will be even challenging some record highs for the date. While there can be rain at just about anytime, the heaviest and steadiest (and even a thunderstorm) will come Saturday afternoon into early Saturday evening ahead of and with the cold front. The rain should shut off about 7 p.m. in the city.

The westerly wind behind the front will send in drier air with some clearing to follow later Saturday. As far as total rainfall amounts, we are probably looking at a pretty solid 1 to perhaps 1.5 inches of rain, but due to bands of rain Saturday afternoon into the evening, some places could pick up as much as 2 inches. The rain brings the possibility of at least flooding in poor drainage areas, as well as ponding of water on streets and highways. In addition, we have ice jams on rivers and streams in our region that can also raise the risk of flooding in nearby areas.


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