Healthy living is a goal of many Baltimore residents. As co-founder of the Baltimore-based weight management company, Take Shape for Life, Inc., the health coaching division of Medifast, Inc., Dr. Wayne Andersen uses his medical acumen to advocate plans for fit lifestyles that many locals may appreciate. He is a multiple New York Times bestselling author whose commitment to preventative medicine is evident in the success of his guidebooks.

(Photo Courtesy of Wayne Anderson)

(Photo Courtesy of Wayne Anderson)

Where did you receive your higher education and in what field?

“I attended medical school at the University for the Health Sciences in Kansas City where I was valedictorian of my graduating class.”

How has your education contributed to your career accomplishments and goals?

“Medical research continues to inform my life and work. After 18 years, my views on how best to create health changed. As a doctor, I wanted to help as many people as possible and as effectively as possible, so I decided to start treating patients with a different approach.”

As a leader in alternative health care, what role does innovation play in your success?

“Continuing advances in technology have made it easier for us to reach new people with our message of health. We use social media to foster a sense of community, and we use mobile and email technology to keep people engaged with their healthy lifestyle. For example, I launched a free email health challenge to help introduce people to the Habits of Health in a way that is easy and accessible. ”

Do you think that community service is helpful to leaders? Why or why not?

“Absolutely! Emotional health is important, and having causes that you believe in is a powerful way to drive your healthy lifestyle. For leaders, being effective and engaged means being connected to your community, which also means giving back and collaborating with the people around you. Being a champion of positivity is just as important to your health as eating right and exercising.”

Keisha Oduor is a professional writer and entrepreneur who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a degree in Communications and French from New York University with work experience in publishing, nonprofits, healthcare administration and program management. Her work can be found on


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