I cannot believe what I am hearing. Not that A-Rod cheated and got away with it. No, I cannot believe the lengths to which baseball has gone and has gotten away with it. Let me get this straight: MLB paid $125,000 for stolen documents and has now aligned itself with a the man who ran an illegal drug operation?

This is unseemly to say the least. Is A-Rod a bad guy? Sure. But when you have to cut deals with other bad guys, that is a problem. A big problem!

MLB is paying Bosch’s legal fees and security fees, and they’re indemnifying him. So what is he going to do? Tell you what you want to hear. What, am I supposed to believe that he is telling the whole truth? Come on. And what about 60 Minutes? MLB comes up with an arbitrary penalty that doesn’t seem to be at all fair, and 60 Minutes gives MLB a pass?

Plus, Bosch said A-Rod passed over a dozen tests. So isn’t the big story that MLB’s testing program IS NOT working?

That is the biggest issue for me.

They are not catching the cheaters. Now, a whole bunch of athletes, if they didn’t know already, just got tipped off to the fact that there are ways to beat the system. How many guys now want testosterone gummies, right? This is ludicrous. Baseball’s system isn’t working, they broke their own rules, and they made a deal with the devil to get the devil.

This might only be the beginning.

See more from 60 Minutes on The Case of Alex Rodriguez.


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