Fay Vincent is the former commissioner of the MLB he served from 1989 to 1992.

Fay joined Ed & Steve to talk about the current A-Rod drug situation.

Fay began by talking about the arbitrators in the case and how tough it is to reverse a decision by the arbitrator. Fay also talked about how the culture of today is teaching young people it’s ok to cheat and use drugs which is a massive problem.

Ed asked Fay should baseball be scrutinized for how they’ve gone on a witch hunt for A-Rod and if it was fair. Fay said fair is irrelevant it’s all up to the decision of the arbitrator and how he views this one case by itself. Fay also said the agreement between the players union and the MLB wave A-Rod’s right to a jury trial.

Fay also talked about hoe even though the Union is gonna protect the players, he tried even through writing a letter that baseball badly needed to watch out for PED’s and how it was going to be a very serious problem.




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