ESSEX, Md. (WJZ) — A Baltimore County teacher got to come on down when she appeared on “The Price Is Right.” Her episode aired Thursday morning on WJZ.

Linh Bui has more on the woman’s game show debut.

It’s one of the most popular game shows in television history, and one lucky Maryland woman got to hear those famous words in person.

Amy Hepner was stunned when she heard her name.

“I just froze. I was like, ‘Ahhh!’ And then I was so excited, then I ran on down,” she said.

The Baltimore County teacher was among the hundreds who auditioned in White Marsh in August for the hit CBS game show.

The first grade teacher at Mars Estates Elementary shared her TV debut with equally excited students.

“I want to see her win very much!” said Jamin Kastner, Mars Estates Elementary School.

But naming the right price was harder than she thought.

“You just see people screaming and fingers flying and you don’t know where to look and it’s just so exciting and you just get caught up in the action,” Hepner said.

Unfortunately, Hepner never made it onto the stage with host Drew Carey.

“I never got out of Contestants Row, but I had fun and it was a great experience,” she said.

Hepner’s appearance on “The Price Is Right” also became a teaching moment for her first-graders.

Hepner: “What do we have to always do every single day?”

Students: “Try your best!”

And her students know what’s really important.

“She’s the greatest teacher in the whole wide world,” said Tytiana Thornton, Mars Estates Elementary School.

She didn’t win a prize, but the experience was priceless.

Hepner does not end up empty-handed. A small consolation prize should arrive at her home Thursday night.

You can watch “The Price Is Right” every weekday at 11 a.m. on WJZ.

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