Darren O’Day is a relief pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, and could possibly be the man tabbed to fill the void left by Jim Johnson’s departure.

Darren joined Ed & Steve to talk about whether or not he’ll be the Orioles closer this upcoming season and give an update  on how his off-season is going.

Steve asked Darren about being  called the most interesting man in baseball. Darren said the title may have been overblown but that he has a lot of interests outside baseball.

Ed asked Darren if he is in the running for the closer position. Darren said he doesn’t know yet, it will be extremely tough to replace Jim Johnson. Darren said while he thinks he can do it, he believes Tommy Hunter will end up being the guy.

Darren went on to say he hasn’t gone to Buck and said let me have the closer job but that he would love to be the closer because he’s done it before and really enjoyed doing it.

Darren also talked about being pranked by the MLB Network and Buck Showalter.


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