Mike Sando, who covers the NFC West for ESPN, joined Scott and Jeremy Thursday to preview the NFC Championship. Mike let it be known that he personally thinks that the Seahawks and 49ers are the 2 best teams in the NFL ranking them number one and two in his Power Rankings at the beginning of the season.

Scott asked Mike about his thoughts on the total change that the division has gone through since 2010 where the Seahawks won the division with a 7-9 record. Mike believes that it all stems with the quarterbacks. “Adding Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick has raised the offensive sides for both teams. It has been a total transformation with great work from the coaches and the general managers.”

Jeremy brought up how the general public dislikes Colin Kaepernick and sort of gravitates to the professional Russell Wilson. Mike thinks his public persona is not who he really is. “Colin Kaepernick loves defying the expectations others have for him, whether it’s being an athletic quarterback or a guy who has tattoos. I think he really likes and sort of revels in the ideas that everyone misreads him. If I could advise him on something it would be to let his guard down a little more and relax.”

Finally Scott asked Mike to give his thoughts on the AFC Championship between Denver and New England. “I like the way they are running the ball, I like the way they know the opponent. But I’m gonna favor Denver in this game but I do like New England’s chances.”

Listen to the full interview right here!


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