Howard Balzer Joins Scott And Jeremy On The Scott Garceau Show

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks 24 - Washington Redskins 14
Scott Garceau Scott Garceau
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Howard Balzer joins Scott and Jeremy, starting off with his thoughts on the two conference games last night.
“Richard Sherman made a heck of a play, but if that Linebacker isn’t dropping into coverage the way he did in his right there, then incomplete—49’ers have another couple shots at it.”
Howard continues on, noting how Seattle was able to come back from a bad first half and tie the game. As for Pats vs Broncos, Howard has no doubt Peyton Manning will be making it into the Hall of Fame; with all the scrutiny concerning Peyton, Brady and the Pats seem to be getting a free pass.
As for QB Russell Wilson—
“There’s not too many times that the young quarterback gets his team this far.”
Scott and Jeremy ask Howard’s take on the upcoming draft, “I think the Ram’s will hold out for the best deal or deals they can make.”
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