Tim Booth of the Associated Press joined Scott and Jeremy to talk about the feeling that Seattle is having after their nailbiting victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night. “Its pretty elated right now. It was a crazy night last night and theres a great sense of satisfaction and of pride around here for that team, and winning the way they did too with coming back from an early defecit and making some big plays. The fans are kind of rallying around the cockiness and swagger that Richard Sherman showed, and theres a lot of excitement around here today.”

Scott brought up that both games were fantastic games. Tim agreed and also shared the same sentiment with Scott that its a shame that the Richard Sherman post game interview sort of overshadowed how great both games were. “I think in a way it was calculated, it was an opportunity to call out Michael Crabtree on a national scale. If a similar thing happened in December in San Francisco, maybe that would’ve been the opportunity then. But for the way things to happen the way it did, he might of felt like it was his opportunity to right a wrong from the offseason.”

Tim even gave us a hint that Richard Sherman isn’t really the person that the country thinks he is. “I think hes a little misunderstood on the national scale. Everything he does is calculated, I don’t think he really does anything off the cuff. He really is a very thoughtful sort of calculated guy. This is a guy who graduated from Stanford with a degree in communications, he’s a very smart guy.”

Listen to the full interview right here!


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