A low pressure system that was still located in western portions of North Carolina early Tuesday morning is going to have a tremendous impact on our weather. And, when the general 6-12 inches of snow is over with, we’ll be stuck with some exceptionally cold air later Tuesday night, Wednesday and even Thursday.

Bands of persistent snow, which will be setting up Tuesday afternoon in an area located north and west of where this low pressure system will be tracking, hold the key in determining just how much each and every city and town will get.

Right now, our gut tells us that Baltimore will have about 6 or 8 inches, but there will be locally as much as a foot, and that zone probably will include parts of the Delmarva Peninsula, including Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The greatest amount of liquid being churned out by this storm system would equal about three-quarters of an inch (if it were all rain), and that appears as if it will occur to the east of Baltimore. But, with the cold air pouring into the region and all of this falling as snow, with fairly HIGH solid-to-liquid ratios, even around half an inch of liquid could easily result in 8 or 9 inches of snow here.

Overall, amounts average 6-12 inches around the city and nearby areas. BUT there has been an issue with snow being reluctant to spread to parts of the Eastern Shore so we are thinking that amounts will be somewhat lower there, especially south of the Bay Bridge and Route 50 with some places down that way only getting 3-6 inches.

The I-95 corridor from around Baltimore right on up through Boston looks like a prime 6-12 inch zone.


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