By Jessica Kartalija

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Many students throughout Maryland did not have school Wednesday, and you know what that means. It was a great day to go sledding.

Jessica Kartalija hit the hills.

Snow and sunshine make for a great day of sledding.

“We call this the hill of death,” one man said.

In Towson, kids of all ages braved the freezing temperatures.

“It’s a lot of fun because when you go down, you’re going so fast, it feels like you are in a race car or something but you can’t stop,” a little girl said.

“This is the right weather, though, because it’s really, really cold so the snow goes really fast. It’s not mushy. So it’s a good day,” another sledding enthusiast said.

The chill and thrill are the fun parts. The challenge is…

“This hill is great. The best snow, pretty good temperature. I think I am starting to sweat just walking back up this hill. It’s crazy, it’s a long walk,” one boy said.

“It’s really hard walking up, but it’s worth it when you go down,” another boy said.

Family and friends feel the wind in their faces.

“We’ve been doing this together for about five years and I did it 50 years ago,” a man said.

While it may be back to school soon, for now, it’s smooth sailing…or sledding.

“This is great sledding snow. It’s super fast, it’s really fun,” one girl said.

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