It is being floated that the NFL might address the fact that the extra point has become far too easy. Does that mean just getting rid of it or making it more challenging?

Roger Goodell said one possibility would be to eliminate the kick and just give a team 7 points for a touchdown. However, the team could choose to go for two via run or pass and get to 8. However, if they miss, they go back to 6 points.

I think I would lean to making the extra point more challenging. Maybe spot the ball for a kick at the 25, making it a 43 yard kick. That would probably make the accuracy more like 80%.

If a two-point conversion is successful about half the time, that might tempt coaches to go for two more. And, in bad weather, coaches would be even more inclined to try for two.

That would certainly mess with the traditional 14, 17, 21, 24, etc. final scores. There would be more 15’s and 26’s and might make for some interesting decisions in the fourth quarter about coming up with the right scoring combinations. My guess is they don’t do anything that drastic, but I am all for doing something. The extra point, as it presently exists, has out-served its use.


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