The latest winter storm to impact the Eastern region is departing early Wednesday morning, but there are still issues we’ll have to contend with during the next 12-24 hours, which will make our day a little more difficult.

Of course, the magnitude of the cold is the first thing that comes to mind, but also a few wind gusts in excess of 25 or even 30 mph are going to cause the snow we had to blow and drift around.

This will hinder cleanup efforts to some extent, and major roads/interstates that run from “west to east” are going to be the most vulnerable to having snow blow back on them — even those which have been plowed and salted.

The cold won’t be able to loosen its grip around here in the short term, and most temperatures will be no higher than the teens Wednesday.

Wednesday night, depending upon the amount of total cloud cover and how much the wind diminishes, actual temperatures (not just “how cold it feels”) will be in the single digits, or below zero!! We’re really not impressed with the prospects for a weak “clipper” Thursday to produce any new measurable snow. Nonetheless, there will be some clouds and a few flurries, primarily during the afternoon. This so-called “clipper” is expected to unlock a reinforcing shot of colder air Thursday night and Friday. Therefore, we still think that many thermometers (even with a snow cover) will be able to get back above 20 degrees Thursday, but then will slide to “near 20” on Friday afternoon.


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