The Ravens are still searching for an offensive coordinator. They are also searching for a lot of position players as well. Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun joined Zinno on “Last Call” to discuss the Ravens going forward and where they need to start.

As far as the offensive coordinator is concerned, “I think John [Harbaugh] is looking for some continuity,” said Preston. Quarterback Joe Flacco has gone through several coordinators and coaches on the offensive side of the ball. The problems with the offense are numerous. Can a new offensive coordinator fix that? “It’s not going to happen,” Preston said. “The only thing this team had going for them last season that was consistent, was Joe Flacco.”

Ozzie Newsome will have to do some heavy lifting in this draft to help improve this team. Despite not having much success in the last two or three years, Newsome still has to be trusted. “Overall, you look at the big picture – you can say whatever happened 8-8, bad year, etc. – but when you look at the overall track record, they had a bad year and we will just wipe this clean,” Preston said.

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