The same general jet stream pattern will persist across North America for much of the upcoming week, with a very pronounced ridge of high pressure along the West Coast extending into Alaska and a downstream trough extending from central Canada into the Eastern U.S.

Several moisture-starved disturbances are/will be moving rapidly through the flow, with one having just exited the East Coast and another whizzing through the Midwest early Sunday.

Ahead of the Midwest disturbance, winds from the south are carrying milder air northward, while in the wake of it, much colder air is diving southward. This is resulting in a see-saw temperature pattern.

For our neck of the woods, this means a cold day Sunday, a milder day Monday, followed by a couple of very cold days on Tuesday and Wednesday. The interesting news is that the overall flow pattern across North America will change late in the week and into next week, which will allow for a moderation of temperature as the Arctic air that has been flirting with the region the past few weeks will retreat back into Canada. The change in weather pattern will also bring an opportunity for a heavier precipitation event or two.

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