John joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Ravens offensive coordinator search and give insight on Kyle Shanahan and Rick Dennison.

Steve asked John about Kyle Shanahan and what kind of coordinator he would make for the Ravens. John said that Kyle and his father decided that Kyle should go and learn under someone else rather than work for his dad straight out of college. John said he thinks it’s good for Kyle to get away from his father and coach again, and that Kyle has everything it takes to be a head coach.

John went on to refute the claims that Kyle Shanahan is a bad locker room coach and said that Kyle will not be a guy who forces the Ravens to adapt to him he will adapt to the Baltimore Ravens way.

Ed asked John about Rick Dennison and John said he believes Rick is a very capable offensive coordinator candidate and the Ravens would make a good hire there.

John said if he was to have to pick between the two it would depend on what kind of coordinator the Ravens were looking for. John said Rick has coached so many positions and is a great all around coach, and that Kyle could be a great guy to work with Joe and try to get the most out of him.


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