In a hastily called news conference, The Ravens — almost 2 weeks after Jim Caldwell’s departure — finally announced 52 year old Gary Kubiak as their third offensive coordinator over the last 13 months. They also added Kubiak’s “lieutenant,” 55 yr old Rick Dennison as QB’s coach.

Coach John Harbaugh, sitting between the two described it as ” a great process. It may have taken us back to where, in the beginning, you might assume we started,” ” But in the end, this is the way it worked and we have the best guy.”

Harbaugh claimed the Ravens went through a list of 30 different candidates before reducing it to 15, then 4, then 1. Recent reports indicated the Ravens might be leaning towards WR’s coach Jim Hostler or former Redskins Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Now Shanahan is still looking and Hostler quite possibly may too with a new offensive staff. In addition, Tight Ends Coach Wade Harman appears out. Former Texans tight ends coach Brian Pariani is expected to join their staff as his replacement .

“That’s going to be in flux a little bit,” Harbaugh said. “We have an opportunity now to hire some new coaches. This is going to be something that’s probably going to create some change on our staff. We’ll have to see how that goes in the next day or two.”

The only guy Harbaugh would confirm is returning, the much maligned Offensive Line coach, Juan Castillo.

Kubiak has vast experience as Harbaugh noted He was the coach of the Texans for nearly eight years, guiding them to the playoffs in 2011 and 2012. His offense has consistently ranked in the top 10 during four of the past six years. However Houston’s 2-14 led to his dismissal.

Kubiak proclaimed: “This is the best day I’ve had in two months, it gives me a chance to be part of a championship organization.” The whole process came together over the last 48 hours. Harbaugh, who once played football with Kubiak, had dinner on Sunday when the decision was finalized.

Kubiak did indicate that any concerns over his heart are in the past. He suffered a “mini-stroke,” on Nov. 3rd as he was walking off the field at halftime against Indianapolis.

And Harbaugh denied reports that the changes were an “edict ” from owner Steve Bisciotti – responding: “Steve is always involved, Steve is going to always be involved, it’s his team, it would be foolish not to. Now if you’re going further than that, then the answer is No. No way.”


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