There is a lot of intrigue surrounding the Gary Kubiak hiring, and how it came to pass.

Just last week, the Ravens own website indicated four names, none of which were spelled like G-A-R-Y K-U-B-I-A-K. That would seem to indicate that he was late getting to the party, but didn’t miss the fun.

I think this is an excellent move, particularly since, when the list appeared to be down to Jim Hostler and Kyle Shanahan, I wasn’t enthralled with either one. Kubiak has a very good track record and reputation. That said, this isn’t a panacea for all the offensive woes.

In all his time in Houston, Kubiak won a mere two playoff games. He only made two playoff appearances in 8 years, and only had 3 winning seasons. He is hardly considered an offensive genius. He has a very good reputation, but if people think he is the fix all, I believe they are incorrect.

It still comes down to players, and they need better ones. If Kubiak was the offensive coordinator this past season, I am not sure that means Gradkowski is better, McKinnie stays out of strip clubs, Doss and Thompson are bigger factors, and Rice and Pierce thrive, etc. It sure seems to me like Kubiak has been given a ton of authority to do it his way, which is probably a good thing.

That said, he did it his way in Houston, albeit as the head coach, and they aren’t stacking their Super Bowl trophies. I think it is more important what Ozzie does in getting players than who the offensive coordinator is.


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