BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County Police need your help finding whomever vandalized almost three dozen cars. It happened on the 5700-block of Southwestern Boulevard near 695.

Christie Ileto spoke with commuters returning from the MARC train, only to find their cars were broken into.

Imagine getting off the MARC train after an eight-hour workday, all to find the car you left was vandalized and your property stolen. Well, it’s happened to several dozen people–and police say the person responsible is still on the loose with stolen goods.

Shattered glass lines the 5700-block of Southwestern Boulevard Wednesday night. Detectives say almost three dozen cars parked on the street just outside the Halethorpe MARC train parking lot had their windows smashed.

“Someone broke into my car,” said Jodie Camper.

Camper got the bad news as she unlocked her car.

“And see, this is the first time that I’ve actually parked here. I got here late and couldn’t park in the lot so I parked here,” she said.

As she assessed the damage, bad news traveled fast.

Some were at a loss for words; others had questions.

“I don’t understand how come nobody saw it?” said one.

“Who would do that? Why, what’s the reason? To smash someone else’s property is pretty ridiculous,” said Danielle Trebjesanin.

Police say it’s unclear when this crime happened but they believe the person responsible was walking down Southwestern Boulevard and smashing window after window, hitting dozens of cars.

“The DVD players were on both sides and the wires were through here,” Trebjesanin said.

She says thieves made off with pricey electronics and personal items.

Police are now looking for these brazen bandits.

“I’ll think twice. I’ll probably go to BWI because it’s not safe [here],” Trebjesanin said.

Police say both sides of the street were hit.

If you have any information or saw anything suspicious, please call police.

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