Matt Birk is a former NFL Center who played for both the Vikings and the Ravens.

Matt joined Ed & Steve to talk about transitioning to new phases of life, the Ravens running game, and Superbowl 48.

Matt began the interview talking about the new book he wrote called All Pro Wisdom: The 7 Choices That Lead To Greatness which is forwarded by NFL commissioner Roger Gooddell.

Ed asked Matt what he thought went wrong with the Ravens running game and total offense last year. Matt said he thought wholesale changes were made to the personnel and the scheme. Birk said the Ravens went 3 wide and no fullback more often, and the trading of Boldin and losing Pitta to injury drastically effected everything the offense tried to do.

And Matt picked the Broncos to win the Superbowl despite the fact he thinks the Seahawks are the better team because he believes it’s Peyton Manning’s time.


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