The Orioles have been on a very tight budget lately, yet the money from the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network keeps rolling in. Why? Jonah Keri of wrote an amazing piece detailing Peter Angelos’ and the Orioles plight financially. Keri joined Zinno on “Last Call” to discuss it all.

Keri says that the Orioles play in a division that “demands greatness” and yet they have settled for just being good. The Orioles fans have a right to be frustrated because Peter Angelos has made hundreds of millions of dollars from MASN and has put very little back into the ballclub.

Keri detailed MASN’s business model. As a regional sports network, MASN is charging less than the industry standard and almost half of what Comcast SportsNet is charging in the same market! MASN is leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table because of it. The Washington Nationals are also bringing in a large stream of revenue for the Orioles because the deal they struck with MLB when the Expos moved out of Montreal to DC was extremely one-sided. Bottom line is that there is very little money being spent back on the Orioles franchise.

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