A chilly day awaits us, although there should be some sun, too. Dry weather will prevail here through Friday night. Just to reiterate thoughts on the weekend–the “zonal”, or progressive, jet stream flow pattern that seems to be setting up is NOT FAVORABLE for a mammoth, coastal storm to develop. Instead, we may have “glancing blows” from waves that will be sliding into the area rapidly. The first “southern branch” feature on Saturday could bring a bit of snow or just flurries. The NAM/WRF model actually implies there’s nothing!

That wave heads out to near Bermuda on Sunday morning, but the “northern branch” piece in Michigan on Saturday will be sliding into upstate New York on Sunday. This one has the chance to bring a small amount of snow, or snow mixed with rain, especially if the GFS model is correct–which tries to bump our temperature up into the mid 40s! For now, the best “conservative estimate” is going 38.

Have a good day!


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